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Mar 3, 2012

Open Market of Salerno

As the followers of my blog know, I’ve been living in Italy since 2010, September. In Italy, the city, which I live in, is Salerno. I think that it is a lovely city. Although it is not a big and sometimes it can be boring, you don’t think the drawbacks due to the friendly people. You can really feel your-self in Salerno, like living in your hometown. With the narrow streets, warm weather you can feel the atmosphere of South Italy.

If we also want to consider the cuisine of Salerno, of course, there are lots of delicious foods, which you need to taste. From the delicious pizzas, to mozzarella of the buffalo, from the incredible ice-cream, to tasty pastries Salerno is a city that you should visit and taste them! However I will not mention these things on this entry. For this entry, just I would like to share my impressions about the cute open-market of Salerno. It is one of the places in which I really like to be. 
Like Turkey, the vendors are shouting in order to sell their products. It’s really surprising for me to see this act in Italy. I was thinking that street vendors are shouting, sometimes screaming, only in Turkey. To be honest, for me it’s kind of a culture and I really love it. 
 The location of the open-market is very central and you can find fresh fruits and vegetables. Except Sundays, this open market is open from the morning to the afternoon.

              Generally, students prefer to buy the fresh foods from there because of the low prices.

They are not selling only fruits or vegetables. You can find some kinds of cheeses, olives, olive oils as well. 
 Even you don’t need to buy anything; you can feel the beautiful atmosphere and take a look to the stalls.
 Besides fruits and vegetables, you can buy the fresh fishes and sea foods. 
 Luckily it is located very close also to my flat. 
Finally, if you’re thinking of visiting Italy, besides Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan, you should see the South-Italy as well. Then, if you come to visit Napoli, for sure you should see Salerno. Salerno is one of the cheapest cities of Italy and with the friendly people, it welcomes you! Also, do not forget to visit open market of Salerno :)

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